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Proud members of the Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association
Proud members of the Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association
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Swain Farm Fresh Beef :: Testimonials

I had to write to say how very delicious your steak is! I'm absolutely loving my order and look forward to my next! The tenderloin is the best I've had restaurant or butcher and that speaks more to the quality than to the chef! Thank you very much!
Vanessa Leslie

Swain beef was definitely the topic of conversation during Saturday's dinner when we cooked one of the roasts.  Everyone loved it!!! Even my picky 5 yr old son ate all of the meat on his plate, which is a first!
Steven Boyd, Ajax

Just a note to say thanks. I was getting more and more concerned about the health of what I was eating... the hormones, the filler in feed, the conditions for the animals. Its actually important for me to know that the animals have good lives and are treated with kindness and respect every step of the way. Discovering your farm is a relief It meets what is important to us; happy cows, healthy local meat, great taste and reasonable affordability. Sure the stores can have cheaper sales, but I feel better about what I am eating and the value is there. We just finished our first order and are getting ready to order again.
Natasha & Joe Gabor, Pickering

We placed our first order from the Swain family in the winter of 09 and have enjoyed all of it.  The roasts & steaks are amazing; hamburger meat has a great flavour which makes such a difference…a real improvement from chain store counter beef and I believe better for us.  I’m just now putting together my order for Summertime BBQ’s and no doubt will be ready again in the fall.  We are very pleased to support Ontario farming and thank the Swain family for their dedication to quality and dedication to Ontario farming.
Mike & Kathleen Smith, Whitby

Swainbeef rib-eye steaks and the tenderloin is hands down the best we've ever had. Look forward to trying some of those great roasts  Cheers...
Ed Hanson, Brooklin

Scott and Nicole,
Thank you for the steaks.  Best I have had since eating at the Keg last year.  Actually tasted like I was there.

  Doug Ellis,  Satisfied Customer


Dear Swain Family:
Just wanted to say thank you for meeting and exceeding my expectations.  Received my order Wednesday night from a nice family member.  Crockpot beef roast Thursday night was awesome! Delicious, fork tender and perfect cuts. Free Delivery, local producer as well. What more could you ask for?  A cut way above factory farmed supermarket meats. We will  definitely buy again.  Thanks again.....
Sharon Watts, Oshawa, ON 

The beef is terrific,.... noticed a difference in quality from what we were used to..... good portions, and we served the kabobs at a dinner party, and got lots of compliments.

Valerie & Robert Kennington, Ajax, ON

Our family of five has been VERY pleased with the beef that we have received from the Swains. (Getting unsolicited compliments from three teenaged boys on the taste and tenderness of a roast pretty much says it all!! )The ground beef is exceptionally flavourful; the rib roasts are well marbled, tender and tasty, and the steaks are fantastic. (We’ve sampled most of the cuts and haven’t come across one that we wouldn’t re-order!) Our BBQ guests have also been similarly impressed! (The steaks are so tasty, that the bones and left over “tid-bits” become home-made beef-stock & “kibble-sauce” for our dog Piper!)
We are big supporters of “buy local”, so it’s great to be able to get a premium product and support our local agricultural community at the same time.
Karen, Kevin, Sean, Brendan & Tanner McGaffey, Whitby , ON

Upon purchasing a quarter of beef from Swain family farms my wife and I were thoroughly impressed with the package & prompt delivery service to our door. The meat is without a doubt the tenderest & most flavorful we have ever tasted. Having our freezer stocked with this premium product makes it easer to prepare and serve a healthy meal. The steaks have just enough marbling for excellent flavor but lean enough to barbeque to perfection. We plan to continue to purchase on a regular basis.

Bill & Stephanie Richmond, Yelverton, ON






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