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Proud members of the Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association
Proud members of the Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association
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Swain Farm Fresh Beef

Welcome to Swain Farm Fresh Beef

Your local beef farmers in Durham Region.  Providing top quality, natural, locally grown beef, delivered from our home to yours.

Your life is busy and fast paced - allow us to make one aspect of it stress-free. Buying your beef locally and online makes meal planning and entertaining easy. You choose the products online, and we deliver to your door (in Durham Region). Our convenient service provides you and your family with a superior product and the peace of mind that comes with buying directly from your local farmer.  Buying Swain Farm Fresh Beef will make you feel like you have a farmer in your backyard and a butcher in your kitchen.

Choose from one of our Customers' Preferred Packages or “Build Your Own” package with your favourite products.  You can customize any of the Preferred Packages by substituting a product of your choice for any of the products of the same value included in the package description. Simply order the Preferred Package of your choice and include any product substitutions in the comment area of the order form. “Build Your Own” orders are available in any value starting at $100.  Pricing  is based on the approximate size of each cut and will be price adjusted when your order is processed. For special requests, please contact us directly by phone or email.

Why Buy Local Beef?

Buying local food is an important decision for you and your family.

  • You know where your food comes from
  • You develop a relationship with the people who produce your food
  • Your support of local farmers will help to keep their businesses viable and ensure a continued supply of food produced in your backyard, Durham Region
  • You minimize your ecological footprint by reducing the distance your food must be transported

Featured products
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A premium steak cut from the rib.

Price: CA$26.99

Strip Loin
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Strip Loin

A premium cut from the loin. An all-time favourite on restaurant menus.

Price: CA$25.58

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A premium cut from the loin.

Price: CA$19.18

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